5 Oct - Isaac Physics Project


Following successful participation last year, Year 12 and 13 Physics students will again be participating in Physics problem solving research this year. Isaac Physics, a project run by Cambridge University, encourages students to develop their problem solving skills, to prepare them for University courses in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering. Our A Level Physicists will be set 5 very challenging Physics questions every two weeks. Hints will be available to the students, however these will differ for different groups of students. Their responses will be analysed , and will provide invaluable data on which type of hint allows the most effective progress. The Physics department uses Isaac Physics extensively as part of the A Level course. In fact, in 2016-17, St Olave’s students answered more questions on the Isaac Physics website than any other school, providing valuable development of their numerical and analytical skllls. This year, the site has been extended to include GCSE Physics questions, so Years 9 to 11 will also be able to fine tune their numerical skills. The site includes demanding questions at all levels, so if any parents feel the need to attempt some challenging problems, just ask your son or daughter to guide you around the site.

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